DS120HP Roll Bender

The Tauring DS120HP is a pyramid-style, HYDRAULIC ROLL bender, ideal for BENDING A wide variety of APPLICATIONS.

STANDARD Features:

  • 3 Driving Rolls
  • 4 R.P.M.
  • 100mm Shaft Diameters
  • High-Quality, Italian Build
  • Equipped with the HP Control (Entry-Level)
  • LED Display for Digital Readout of Top Roll Position
  • Includes Interchangeable Universal Tooling
  • 10.2" Standard Shaft Working Length
  • Weighs Approximately 6,060 lbs.
  • Machine Dimensions: 84" x 43" x 66"
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The SAF DS120HP model is a pyramid style bender, ideal for a wide variety of bending. All three shafts are gear driven and hardened. Machine is supplied with a quote positioner used on the upper roll for repeatability of upper roll height (up to 10 positions can be stored) They are composed of ground high strength steel, which are supported by sealed roller bearings for anti-friction operation. This machine is very flexible and suitable for a wide variety of products in the field such as tubes, flats, angles, “I” beams and special profiles. The machine is composed of a welded steel frame. All important mechanical parts are made out of alloy steel, casehardened, hardened, tempered and rectified. The SAF DS120HP is in conformity with “CE” Regulations (98/37 CE). Electromagnetic compatibility, (89/336) Low tension (73/23,93/68).

standard Capacities:

  • Rectangular Tube (Easy Way): 5.9" x 3.9" x 0.3" with a 1800 Minimum Radius
  • Solid Square: 3.1" with a 27.5" Minimum Radius
  • Angle (Leg-In): 4.7" x 4.7" x 13 with a 78" Minimum Radius
  • Flat Bar (Hard Way): 6.2" x 0.78" with a 31" Minimum Radius
  • T-Channel (Easy Way): 4.7" x 4.7" x 0.5" with a 59" Minimum Radius
  • Round Tube: 5.5" x 0.13" with a 177" Minimum Radius

  • Solid Round: 3.5" with a 51" Minimum Radius
  • Square Tube: 4.7" x 4.7" x 0.19" with a 78" Minimum Radius
  • Angle (Leg-Out): 4.7" x 4.7" x 0.5" with a 78" Minimum Radius
  • Flat Bar (Easy Way): 9.8" x 1.5" with a 35" Minimum Radius

(PLEASE NOTE – THe minimum radii shown may require Multi-Pass. PLEASE ALSO NOTE - The sizes shown above are the of the maximum capacity with the minimum radii; when bending smaller profiles, the machine will be able to bend smaller radii.)


The Tauring HP PLC allows the ability to store 10 "quote-positions" saving the position of the upper roll for quick reference and repeatability.
HP Features:
- Led display.
- Keypad has 15 keys.
- Direct quote positioner allows direct entry on keypad (Self-learning procedure).
- Instrument configuration in mm.
- Easy and quick programming.


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