ALPHA 500 PQI Roll Bender

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The Tauring Alpha 500 PQI is a pyramid-style, HYDRAULIC ROLL bender WITH RECTILINEAR GUIDED BOTTOM ROLLS, ideal for BENDING A wide variety of APPLICATIONS.


STANDARD Features:

  • 3 Driving Rolls
  •  1 - 5.3 R.P.M.
  • High-Quality, Italian Build
  • Equipped with the Tauring PQI (PLC) Control
  • 45.2" Standard Shaft Working Length
  • Weighs Approximately 154,400 lbs
  • Machine Dimensions: 164" x 231" x 169"

The TAURING ALPHA 500 H2 emerges away from the bending machines that are presently in the market, thanks to the new Rectilinear Guides Construction System that guarantees more rigidity and stiffness to the entire machine. This allows for more precise positioning and improves a lot of the bending conditions in respect to the classical orbital machines, that are still present today in the market. The profiles that can be bent are more numerous, obtaining bending results unthinkable until very recently.

standard Capacities:

  • Pipe: 18" Sch. 40 Pipe with a 448" Minimum Radius

  • Rectangular Tube (Easy Way): 19.60" x 11.80" x 0.625" with a 335" Minimum Radius
  • Solid Square: 9.30" with a 325" Minimum Radius
  • Flat Bar (Hard Way): 18.50" x 2.30" with a 465" Minimum Radius
  • Solid Round: 11.80" with a 278" Minimum Radius
  • Square Tube: 15.75" x 0.750" with a 414" Minimum Radius
  • Angle (Leg-Out): 9.8" x 1.10" with a 166" Minimum Radius
  • Flat Bar (Easy Way): 39" x 5.90" with a 189" Minimum Radius

(PLEASE NOTE – The minimum radii shown may require Multi-Pass. PLEASE ALSO NOTE - The sizes shown above are the of the maximum capacity with the minimum radii; when bending smaller profiles, the machine will be able to bend smaller radii.)


The Tauring PQI PLC allows the ability to store 10 "quote-positions", individually saving the positions for each bottom roll; allowing for quick reference and repeatability.

HP Features:
- Led displays (One dedicated LED Display per Bottom Roll).
- Each Keypad has 15 keys.
- Direct quote positioner allows direct entry on keypad (Self-learning procedure).
- Instrument configuration in mm.
- Very easy and quick programming.


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